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Revive & Thicken Lashes Back to a Healthy, Natural State

It’s 2020, and word on the street is that most guys and gals are shifting back and rocking the “no makeup” makeup look and starting to embrace and enhance their natural features. Our Lash & Brow Enhancement Serum is a rich conditioning treatment for your natural eyelashes and brows to enhance the hair’s resilience and strength! It is not to be used with lash extensions. The proteins and minerals in this formula are built to help improve the growth of your hairs naturally! The best part of this serum is it's very easy to apply! Use the product with the provided thin brush tip for precise application for each lash. We recommend using this serum a few times a week for stronger results, but feel free to...

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Making Your Lashes Last

Eyelash extension aftercare is the most important part of wearing extensions. When we understand how to properly care for eyelash extensions, both the lash artist and client are happiest! We've got some tips for your clients to help extend the life of their lashes! The first 24-48 hours No exposure to moisture, heat or steam - avoid showering, saunas, facial, hot yoga class, etc. Avoid wearing contact lenses for the first five hours after your lash session to avoid irritation Do not shower for 24 hours (48 hours recommended) after your session, and avoid swimming in chlorine for 24 hours Do not sleep directly on your extensions No mascara should be applied to your extensions Do not curl your extensions and avoid...

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